Online radio program; 2005–2008

Weekly radio program broadcasted from Peru difusing experimental music. We shared with our audience the knowledge to broadcast audio from their own locations; this led to the creation of a rhizomatic network with broadcasts from several countries in South America. Project of Colectivo Aloardi (Peru) in collaboration with Sur/radio: Microbio (Venezuela), Radiofantasmas (Colombia) and Aloardi.

Presented at (selection):
Weekly audio streaming from Aloardi Collective quarters (Lima, 2005- 2007); Foro de Radios – Cumbre de Los Pueblos (Lima, 2008); SUR|radio program (Lima/Caracas/Bogota, 2006-2007); Tremor Festival (Bogotá, 2007); Festival Levántate Contra la Pobreza (Lima, 2006).

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