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Melismas: voices modulated
by Anatolian landscapes

Radio piece, live set & open call for residences
and sound-walks; 2021–present

Residency & sound-walks series to listen at a distance to the Azan* singing and how its sound is radically modulated by the rural landscape of Demre (Turkey). Our sound-walks also involve live listening of the soundscapes through electromagnetic fields, underwater sounds and other vibratory phenomena. This initiative is based on the ideas I applied when making the field recordings for a radio piece commissioned and broadcasted by Q-O2 / Oscillation Festival – Tuned Circuits 2021 (Brussels); and rebroadcasted by the online radio stations Kool Kast (France) and Ma3azef – Badlcukwind show (Tunisia).

*The Azan is the Islamic call to pray, sung by a muezzin at prescribed times of the day from a high Minaret placed in a mosque.

We are offering a sound postcard designed by Margarita Milova with a photo taken by Diana Duta in the church of St. Nicholas (Myra, 520 AD) during her experience in the “Melismas” residency. On the back side there is qr-code through which you can listen and download a 31-minute piece by Sajjra based on raw field recordings related to this project. You can support our self-managed project by buying this postcard.

Listen the podcast of Melismas II at Dr. Klangendum and Melismas I at Ma3azef – Badlcukwind show

Presented at:
Concertzender – Dr. Klangendum Show (The Netherlands, 2022), Q-O2 / Oscillation Festival – Tuned Circuits (Brussels , 2021), Kool Kast (France, 2021) and Ma3azef – Badlcukwind show – (Tunisia, 2021).