Electrosmog and Amplified Hearing

Sound-walk and workshop; 2012–present

Electromagnetic fields from Viena streets 

The Hague wind across metal grid

Indoors and outdoors sound-walks to experience vibratory phenomena
normally imperceptible for humans. The sense of hearing and different
transducers are used – such as handmade electromagnetic antennas, contact microphones, hydrophones and environmental microphones – paying
attention to the acoustic energy and the physicality of the environment. In this project, architectural and natural structures are shown as acoustic filters of their surroundings.

Electromagnetism of fluorescent lamps in Ljubljana

Presented at:
Charlois Speciaal (Rotterdam, 2018), XII Festival Ecuatoriano de Música Contemporánea (Quito, 2016), Tsonami Arte Sonoro (Valparaiso, 2014), Academy of Fine Arts (Vienna, 2014), Mechatronic Art Society (Zurich, 2014), Micro Zvuk Festival (Bratislava, 2013), Ljudmila (Ljubljana, 2013).

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