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Electrosmog and Amplified Hearing
Sound-walk and workshop; 2012–present

Melismas: voices modulated by Anatolian landscapes
Radio piece, live set & open call for residences and sound-walks; 2021–present

Research project, musical score, textile and sound installation; 2020–2021

Invisible Architecture
Site-specific performances, interventions, sound-walks and publications; 2013–present

Electromagnetic and acoustic detritus
Sound performance, acoustic experience; 2006–present

Tupac Amarus
Feedback sound-light installation; 2011–present

HiperOido: invisible Sonic Debris and Continuity
Research project, audio streaming, workshop, essay and installation; 2006–2013

Published sound pieces with different projects and bands
Records, books, films; 1998–present

Online radio program; 2005–2008

There will be more projects soon. The web-site is under construction.